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2011 Campaign Contributions

The two Searchable Campaign Contributions documents were created to determine who donated to the winning candidates in the 2011 Board of Supervisors races. The first document is based on contributions given directly to the currently elected supervisors.  The second is a resource to understand who is behind various Political Action Committees that donated to these campaigns.  Errors and/or inconsistencies found in either the candidates’ reports or the VPAP report are noted; however there undoubtedly are some yet to be discovered. Every effort was made to make sure the documents contains no typographical errors; however, if you spot one, I would appreciate it if you would let me know so it can be corrected.

2011 Campaign Contributions

This document is a searchable compilation of the donations made to each of the winning Board of Supervisors candidates in the 2011 elections, taken directly from each candidate’s Finance Reports. Since the County website has changed format, these materials are no longer available online, except for the shortened form available at www.vpap.org.

2011 PAC Campaign Contributions

This document is a compilation of all donations received from PACs, created by analyzing both the information at VPAP and the candidates’ Finance Reports. 

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