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This alert provided additional details about the W&OD power line issue and the Board’s efforts to derail it.

From: Jim Burton
Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 2004 5:19 PM
To: Burton, Jim
Subject: W & OD Trail / Power Line Update

Dear Neighbour,
I have received a number of calls and emails about Dominion Virginia Power’s plans to construct transmission lines along the W & OD Trail and wanted to provide an update of efforts undertaken so far and plans for the future. 
As many of you may have read in the newspapers, Dominion Virginia Power established a work group of local government representatives (both elected and staff) in May.  Either my Staff Aide or I have attended each of those meetings and informed DVP at all of them that the only acceptable aboveground route is along Route 7.   As yet, no representative from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has attended any of these work group meetings in order to discuss the feasibility of running the lines down Route 7.  To encourage such attendance however, Scott York, Sally Kurtz and I sent a letter to Governor Warner asking that he send appropriate delegates from VDOT, the Department of Environmental Quality and the Department of Historic Resources to the next work group meeting on August 3.  To be honest, without a relevant representative from VDOT at that meeting, someone with decision-making authority, I do not believe that we can have a meaningful discussion on alternative routes and I encourage you to let the Governor and your elected representatives to the legislature hear from you on that point.
Earlier this month, the Board as a whole passed a resolution, 8-1 (Supervisor Delgaudio dissenting) stating that the W & OD Trail was off limits to power lines.  This resolution has been sent both to DVP and to Governor Warner.   We are also coordinating efforts with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, the relevant Town Councils and representatives from the Village of Paeonian Springs.   For those individuals who are looking for ways to involve themselves with this issue:
> A citizens’ group, Save the Trail, has been set up with a website, www.savethetrail.com.  The organizers have stickers, pins, and T-shirts available.  They are also looking for a full-time fundraiser as they initiate a legal fund to represent the group during the official proceedings in Richmond. 
> The next work group meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 3d at 10 am in the Board of Supervisors meeting room.  I encourage you to attend.  The floor may or may not be open to questions or comments from the public.
> A public hearing at which public comments and questions will be invited will occur sometime in September.  I encourage you to attend this meeting and will notify you once a date has been set.
If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at 703/777-0210.
Best regards,
Jim Burton