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9 November 2006


Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday, the Board listened to the vast majority of Loudoun residents and voted 6-3 against the Dulles CPAM. While this was not a difficult vote for me (my opposition to the CPAM never wavered), I believe it may have been a difficult vote for some of my colleagues and I hope you will take the time to thank them.

Clearly, this was a great victory of those who advocate sane, manageable planning for the Dulles area and Loudoun as a whole. You have all worked very hard to ensure that the public had a seat at this table. Supervisor Snow acknowledged your efforts by his willingness to sit down with all of the citizens and work on ways together to achieve the lifestyle Dulles residents envisioned for themselves when the invested in their homes.

Clearly, however, Greenvest and others will not give up. The history of the last decade demonstrates their willingness to retreat, regroup, and continue to pursue their agenda in a variety of forms. This long-term vision is made clear in a Washington Post story last year titled "Loudoun Faction Was Set for Fight: Preparation, Money Helped Developers (March 13, 2005)." This story details how the development community, including Greenvest, planned its strategy to overturn the County's efforts to place limits on the rate of growth in the County.

There are three probable arenas in which this strategy may play out: the courts, the Board room, and the polls. Already yesterday, lawyers for two of the major developers in the Transition Area, Greenvest and Toll Brothers, contacted the Board and began laying out a legal strategy against the Board's actions. I believe they are likely to follow up on these statements by filing lawsuits. As of this morning, rezoning applications for Transition Area properties remain in the County pipeline. Supervisors Waters and Tulloch both requested that the applicants withdraw these applications. However, so long as they remain in the pipeline, you will need to keep an eye out. Finally, we are now just a year away from Board elections. In politics money talks - however, voter education and participation in the electoral process always talks louder.

Again, congragulations to you all for making your voices heard. I am in such admiration of all you have accomplished and proud to serve as your representative either directly or indirectly.

Best regards,

Jim Burton

Supervisor, Blue Ridge District