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Featured Documents

While in office, there were some documents that seemed to continually be in demand.  These issues seem to repeat themselves and much has been learned which can help you navigate through the political waters more quickly and efficiently.  The following documents are ones that you may find of particular interest.

Agricultural Districts - This document summarizes the state and local law underlying Loudoun County’s Agricultural and Forestal Districts, an important tool in preserving our rural landscape. A sister document lays out the arguments for retaining the open space land use tax deferral. (Please note that some of the internal links in the PDF documents may no longer be functional due to site upgrades.)

Unbridled Growth - This document is a slide show which lays out the stresses created by unbridled residential growth and the County’s efforts to manage that growth between 2000 and 2011.  It was created for a conference on growth in Charlottesville and then updated annually.  Between 2002 and 2011 I gave this presentation to local governments and citizens' groups in over 30 counties.

Becoming #1 - This is a follow-up presentation to the original Unbridled Growth presentation. It was delivered to a conference of Charlottesville leaders exploring the implications for the city’s designation as one of the best places to live. An abridged transcript of my comments is also available.

CDA Primer - This document provides a short introduction to Community Development Authorities (CDA’s) or “dirt bonds.” Associated documents track the performance of existing CDA’s in Virginia.

Rezoning Report - Officially titled Residential Rezonings as a Means for Building Infrastructure: Catching Up or Falling Further Behind?, this document argues the case that relying on the proffers associated with residential rezonings is neither cost-effective nor meaningful in meeting demand for public facilities, and, in fact, exacerbates the issues raised in the Unbridled Growth presentation.

Transparency in Government - This document is my 2008 initiative to change local and state rules governing conflict of interest and includes a summary of efforts approved by the Board between 2006 and 2007. Between 2008 and 2009 the Board passed portions (but not all) of Phase II and chose not to lobby for the General Assembly to take up Phase III.